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Double Throw

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite comforts is cuddling up with my Honey. And since I'm always cold, I like to have a nice blanket tucked around me (or the both of us in winter months).... Continue Reading →

Bunny on the Weekend

I don't know about you, but bunnies are one of my favorite woodland creatures. They are so cute and hobby and have those precious fluffy tails and of course their big fluffy feet! I mean, how could anyone not love... Continue Reading →

Puzzling Week

I haven't done as much crocheting this week as I had hoped. Why is that? The biggest reason is that I've been trying to get my dining room table back. Several months ago my Honey and I started a puzzle.... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Strikes Again

It was kind of a rough weekend.  I felt under the weather and anxious for most of it.  Monday came and did not help the situation.  Instead of pace frantically and get myself worked up,  I sat down with my... Continue Reading →

In Other News

This is a blog about fiber-art crafting, and I intend to keep it that way. But I also do lots of other things with my life: work, writing, being a pet-mommy, cooking, baking, painting, etc. Sometimes I want to share... Continue Reading →

Wall-Decor Update

My last post was about my second experiment in crafting a wall-hanging. I'm very happy to announce that after removing blocking wires and pins, it still looks awesome! I decided to go ahead and add some fringe, which gives the... Continue Reading →

Experiment Number Two

Well I've finished my second decor experiment. As of this morning it is still drying out on the blocking wires (which I think I'm finally getting the hang of). I'm thinking it should be ready by this evening or tomorrow... Continue Reading →

An Experiment in Crochet

This past week I posted asking for suggestions of what I could crochet to get out of my crochet-rut. A suggestion came from┬áBrenna┬áthat I could try a wall-hanging. Now, I've done some decorative projects before, but I decided to give... Continue Reading →

Link and Zelda

It's been a long time coming - 7 months since I started it, 4 months since it was supposed to be done! But finally, the Link and Zelda cross-stitch for my Honey has been completed! Throughout this process I learned... Continue Reading →

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