Hi folks! Let me start by saying: I really wish I had a longer vacation! Don’t we all though? But I’m going to take the energy and contentment from my week and keep it going as long as possible as I dive back into work and my hectic schedule tomorrow. But for now, let me tell you how I spent the week!

Not only did I have the whole week off, but it was also my anniversary! Which meant that last weekend my Honey and I celebrated quite a bit. We went out to see Wonder Woman (fantastic) and then also took a day trip to Ann Arbor to see their beautiful botanical gardens (which inspired us to buy a baby bonsai to start working on – we’re still in the “research” stage) and go to a vegan restaurant called The Lunch Room. The botanical gardens were, as I stated, beautiful. My Honey and I love plants and have them in almost every window of the house, so of course checking out some exotic plants is something we had to do!

If you ever find yourself in Ann Arbor you MUST check out the Lunch Room. It had a quaint atmosphere, a cross between a cafe, a bar, and a diner, that made me want to spend hours there. The food was absolutely delicious, and the staff was friendly and upbeat. The Lunch Room is also in a little unit called the Shops at Kerrytown – so of course we had to check out the shops! There was a spice store where we bought some spice blends and teas, an oil and vinegar store where we were able to buy lime-infused olive oil (among others), and a darling little yarn store where I bought a 25mm crochet hook!

Now, this crochet hook was something I’d been looking for for a couple of weeks, but didn’t want to order it online (i’m an instant-gratification kind of shopper). So when we were browsing the shop I knew I had to get it! But whatever could I want such a big hook for? Let me explain. Have you seen those super-chunky arm-knit blankets that are taking the internet by storm? The ones where the wool you have to buy is $25.00 for a skein? I love the look of those blankets – how chunky and soft and cozy they look. But 1) I don’t use wool and 2) that wool is expensive! So I started looking into ways to make my own super chunky yarn. The best way I’ve found is to use a 25mm hook  and several strands of yarn and just chain, chain, chain. It’s not a perfect fix, but I do love trying new things.

Speaking of crocheting, I finished the bulk of my friend J’s blanket! Now I just have to make the border and it will be all finished! I’ll have more about the blanket when it is DONE done, probably later this week or next week.


I also did quite a bit of painting. I’m really quite proud at how my paintings have been turning out lately. I never really thought of myself as a painter, but here I am! It’s really fun, even if clean up kind of sucks. I was mostly working on still water this week, which I think I’m getting the hang of!

I also made some scrumptious banana bread this week – not something I do super frequently, but I do love bread!

I hope you had a wonderful week as well, and I look forward to hearing from you!