One of my biggest pet peeves is wearing a tank-top or scoop neck shirt and then having my seatbelt scrape against my skin as I’m driving somewhere. It leaves my skin red and irritated – and makes me irritated too! Instead of continue to gripe about it again this summer, I decided to do something about it. I made myself a seatbelt cover.

20170521_091126 It was a pretty simple pattern – basically just a  rectangle with a couple of buttons. However I want to make some adjustments before I share the pattern. For instance, the buttons are pretty loose and I want to make sure they are more secure for the finished pattern, and I’m not sure I like half-double crochet in this instance. Plus, it’s kind of plain. I’d like to create a pattern with a little more pizzazz for you! That being said, I am really excited to use the thing, for the aforementioned reasons!

I’m really liking doing a quick project over the weekend and then working on my longer projects during the week. It gives me a rest from the same-old-same-old, and helps me not get burnt out from lack of accomplishment. If you are facing crochet burn out, I definitely recommend trying a very quick, simple project to get yourself rejuvenated.


The seatbelt cover took me about an hour, but that’s because I had to frog it to thread the buttons on at one point! (I hate sewing on buttons – I make a mess of it every time). I also realized that none of my buttons in my (admittedly limited) button stash match! That was okay with me this time since it was variegated yarn, but maybe next time I’ll go buy some matching buttons!

What are your favorite quick and easy projects?