I haven’t done as much crocheting this week as I had hoped. Why is that? The biggest reason is that I’ve been trying to get my dining room table back.

Several months ago my Honey and I started a puzzle. We’d been working on it on the floor, covered by a rug. But that set up wasn’t working so we painstakingly moved the puzzle to our table. Of course that means we can’t actually use our table. So instead of crocheting I’ve been desperately trying to complete this puzzle (okay, I’ve been trying, but my Honey has been doing SO much more than me on it).


Now we have two spots open, so we can at least eat at the table again. This might slow the puzzle progress a bit, but I don’t care so long as I can eat at the table!

This week, I’m planning to finish one of those long-standing works-in-progress. Stay tuned to find out which one!