It’s been a long time coming – 7 months since I started it, 4 months since it was supposed to be done! But finally, the Link and Zelda cross-stitch for my Honey has been completed!

Throughout this process I learned a valuable lesson: always start gifts further in advance than you think you should – ESPECIALLY if it is a medium you don’t regularly use! My eyes and fingers got so tired of cross-stitching that I had to take much longer breaks than I would have with crochet. I used a pattern for the little characters – a picture I found online for a pearler bead pattern – but I improvised the ground.

My Honey loves it, and it is hanging over his desk. He says he doesn’t even mind that it was finished so late!


Now it’s on to my next project – yay! I’ve got one from my old list of “needs to be completed” (below) and a new, “quick and easy” (no pictures yet!) that I started this morning.


Until next time,