It’s been a few weeks, so if you’re still around or just joining me: Hi! How are you?

I’ve been working my new job, and just got word that I have another side-job starting, which is exciting. Even more exciting is that I’ve been busy working on my projects (well, just the one for starters) and I finished it AND sent it off to the recipient (my baby nephew).

It took a while, but I got it done in time to be there when he is born next week!

My next project to finish is the last part of my fiance’s Christmas present (I know, I know, it’s almost April!). It’s a cross-stitch and apparently cross-stitch is pretty tedious. But I gotta finish it!

Well in other news, it is thunderstorming here today, and I’ve got to brave it to get to work soon. I hope you have bright, sunny skies where you are. Good luck with your crafting!