I am lucky enough to have today off. I also have a knee injury, which means I’m not doing much out and about today. That means it’s a perfect day to put on Netflix and work on my projects. I even caught up on all my chores this morning so I have nothing to feel guilty about while I crochet!

My first priority is finishing up the cross-stitch for my fiance, and then a baby blanket for my soon-to-be born nephew. I have to finish it AND get it shipped in time for his birthday (the beginning of April). I struggle with deadlines most of the time*, so this is quite a nerve-wracking task!

Anyway, I better get to it – maybe I’ll even give myself time to write today!

How do you handle deadlines?

Crochet on,


*At least when it comes to personal tasks. I used to get papers for college done weeks in advance, so I think my procrastination has more to do with there is no bad grade that will happen if I ignore the deadline.