My last post was about how I have NUMEROUS projects in need of completion. To help myself in the task of getting them done, I’ve started a list of projects and what needs to be done to finish them. For sanity’s sake I am NOT including projects for which I bought the materials but have not actually started. Also, my list starts with the projects taking up the most space.* So, the beginning of my list:

1-A Link and Zelda cross-stitch that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. I only have to finish stitching in the ground. Maybe a few days more of work.

2-granny-square blanket for my friend in the UK. I’ve made six squares, so this one will take a lot of work, but I’m determined because it is a blanket exchange between my friend and me. Probably a solid month or two of work left on this one.20161008_064800

3-a chevron multi-color double size blanket. I started this two years
ago with the intent of having it for my now-fiance and me to cuddle under in the winter (it’s extra wide). I only have about 12 more inches to go! Maybe two or three weeks of work?


scrapghan. You’ve seen this one before. I originally intended this one to be an adult-size blanket, but I’ve made the choice now to make it child-size. For that, I only need 55 more squares and to do the borders. I’d say a solid two weeks of work here.


These are the top of my list, and I’ll keep going from there (or I might just totally scrap some projects and get rid of them/ rip them out/ donate the yarn/ etc.). So I’m going to work on them one at a time, from least lengthy work-time to most. (Well, I might sneak in that blanket for my friend when I’m tried of working on the others.) The other thing I need to do? Make a baby blanket for my new nephew coming in April! Yikes! I better go get to work!

Craft on, my friends!


*And the list is incomplete because some of the smaller projects are hidden by the bigger ones, or I’ve just forgotten about what exactly they are (because I know I have a tote full of unfinished projects but for the life of me can’t remember them.

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