If you remember, I’ve set myself quite a goal for Christmas gifts this year. SO far, I’m actually ahead by two days! (But I suppose I want to make things for more people, so I’m probably about even.)


I made these two little stockings (only about 4 inches high) last night. Pretty simple single crochet with cross-stitched letters (which didn’t turn out perfectly because I’ve never cross-stitched on crochet before – and where I was working is stitches in a spiral, which makes them a little offset). I know how to fix the S, but we’ll see what happens.

Anyway, I made two more this morning, but I’ve got to get off to work in a couple minutes so I don’t have time to take pictures! (I really shouldn’t be taking the time for this – but it’s important to me to keep you updated!)

Anyway, things are going well and I look forward to sharing more of my 31 gifts with you (though some might have to wait until after Christmas!

Take care,