Okay, tomorrow is Halloween, I know. I’m also one of those people who has always HATED winter-holiday decorations coming out earlier than mid-November. So I must have been switched with an alien, because I’m actually really excited for the holidays. So excited that I started gathering my boyfriend’s gifts in August. Yep. August.

Okay, before you label me as crazy as I seem to be: one of his gifts is handmade and it was the one I started with. I knew that if I waited it wouldn’t get done, and that’s no good. So I started it, and it got me in the mood for gift giving, so I started getting the rest of his gifts.

That being said, yesterday I decided to not only send the holiday letter that I started last year, but actually make gifts for my friends and family. And I want to send them out at the beginning of December.

WHAT AM I DOING? There are at least eleven people I want to gift to, two handmade items each except for my nephews who are going to get a second gift of books or toys. So that’s 20, plus I want to make everyone a cute little holiday decoration…..31 items for family. By December 1st. And that’s not including my friends that I’d like  to include.

31 gifts in 31 days. (I’m counting October 31st as day 1.)

Let’s do this.