Earlier this week I was stressed out. I was working an event at my soon-to-end job, and there was crisis after crisis that I had to help overcome. It was especially difficult as I had already worked the whole day at my other job, and was tired, hungry, and we’d thought everything was planned out perfectly so there would be no hiccups. We overcame the night, but the feelings of stress and frustration leached into the next day – when I was again working a full day before an event. It was rough

We all have days when we are frazzled, stressed, sad, angry. One thing that is often suggested on how to overcome these feelings is meditation. When I was in college I learned how to meditate in one of my classes, and even went to some meditation groups. Now, I struggle to meditate because if I am awake, I feel I need to be doing something.

Enter crochet. Most of us crocheters count our stitches. Sometimes, once you are experienced, it isn’t necessary, but for intricate patterns counting is a must. Even if I’m just single-crocheting across a row and don’t need to count, I will find myself counting halfway through. I don’t always even know if I’m actually counting all the stitches, or just a group of them. Suffice to say I am a counter

But how does counting stitches relate to meditation? Well, when I was learning, one of the first things we did was count our breaths. It was meant to bring awareness to the present moment (which many people say is how you beat those feelings of stress, anger, sadness, etc.), which is the basis of meditation. So when I am counting crochet stitches, I am aware of what I am doing right now – the present moment.

Now, I’m not one to say that being in the now is the cure to all woes. Sometimes you just have to feel what you’re feeling before it will go away, and sometimes it won’t go away for a really long time (things like grief, depression, fear, etc.), but that doesn’t mean you can’t give yourself a little bit of peace. And I will say that crochet does that for me. It takes my mind off what is bothering me, and helps me focus my energy on something productive. Crochet is my meditation, my therapy. It gives me the time to step back so I can make better decisions, or reminds me that things aren’t always as bad as they seem. So next time you are having a rough day, pick up a hook and get crocheting.

Have you ever used crochet to make a day better?

Take care,