It’s been a hectic week! I’m working two jobs right now as one winds down and the other picks up. This means no free weekend days for a while, and going from one job right to the next a few times per week. This kind of busy usually means that everything else falls off my plate – but not this time! Projects have continued, housework is getting done (in little chunks, but it’s still happening), and I don’t feel entirely stressed out.

So here is my latest “avoid the WIPs in my closet” project:


Granny square fingerless gloves! (Or wrist warmers, they seem to be about the same thing!) It’s a pretty simple pattern – a 6-round granny square with two rounds of single crochet around the edges, with two sides slip-stitched together.

What do you think? Have you made wrist warmers before? How busy is your life right now?

Take care,