If you remember, there is a baby blanket that I am planning to unravel. Well, I haven’t gotten around to unraveling it yet, but I did cut the yarn and have been making some cute baby gear from it! I started by making booties from Sarah at Repeat Crafter Me.


I was (and am) really happy with how they turned out (even if my bow-tying skills need work). They are newborn size, which means so small that even the grumpy security guards at my part-time job were oohing over them. I’ve also been inspired to work up my own bootie pattern, coming soon (I have one finished, but need to finish the other).

After finishing the booties, I decided to work up a quick newborn hat, in a similar style. I did it without a pattern, and finished it in a couple of hours. Then I found a pattern for newborn mittens at Tangled Happy and made a couple of adjustments so that they are, again, in a similar style as the booties. And so I have my first newborn set*!


Have you made any aww-worthy baby gear lately?

Happy crocheting!

*This set is for sale at my online shop: Simply Stitched.