Good morning!

Do you ever get to a certain point in a project, and you are just bored? I sure do, that’s why I have so many unfinished projects stashed around my house. I wanted to share some of those projects with you today – which will hopefully help me get myself in gear and get them finished! And once they are finished, I’ll be able to start on all the new ideas I’ve been accumulating. 🙂

Scarf (and matching hat) 20161006_074801

In all fairness, I haven’t been working on this one for too long a couple weeks. I’ve blocked it and am now in the border stage. It’s pretty long – about 90 inches – and very simple stitches. 1 row half double crochet, 2 rows single crochet. I was working on a matching hat, but had to unravel it all because it was too small (that’s what I get for not keeping a measuring tape with me when I take projects out into the world). I will get the scarf finished (hopefully today or tomorrow) and then do the hat. UPDATE: Both scarf and hat are finished! View here or purchase here!


Baby blanket(s)

Baby Blanket 1

So there are actually two (yes two!) baby blankets that are in various stages of in-completion. When I started this post I only remembered one, but when I dug it out to take a picture I found the other. The first is a corner to corner (C2C) baby blanket that I really love – but don’t have enough yarn to complete. So my plan with that one is to unravel it (a tedious process since I already weaved in some of the ends) and use the yarn for things like baby hats, booties, and mittens. I’ve never made baby booties before, so I’m excited to try that out. I’ll have more on that once I decide on a pattern (and get around to ripping out the completed portion of the blanket).


As for the other baby blanket, I’m going to finish it! I’ve got all the blocks made (in C2C again) so I just need to sew them together  and put a border on. The blocks have been sitting in my closet for about 10 months now – the same amount of time as the other baby blanket.

Baby Blanket 2

Large blanket


This large chevron blanket is so close to being finished. It’s about 4/5 of the way done. All single crochet, mostly scrap yarn from other projects. I will admit I bout a couple skeins just for this project, but who hasn’t done that for a scrap-ghan? When it’s finished, it will cover a full-size bed. I haven’t decided on a border yet. Suggestions? On my last chevron blanket I did a border of revers single crochet, which turned out pretty cool but I don’t think I want to do it on two chevron’s that will both be hanging out in my house.

Granny square blanket


The granny square blanket is another way to use bits and pieces and small balls of left over yarn. It’s much brighter than the chevron blanket. I like making granny squares in bright colors, it just seems fitting. This one is around halfway done for the bulk of it, and it’s a new-sew deal. I’m just crocheting one square to the next as I form it. Makes it a little easier to handle.


Do you have any unfinished projects lying around your house? What are they? How long have you been working on them?