Hey folks! Today I want to briefly talk about thread crochet. It

My largest and smallest steel crochet hooks, 2.55mm and 1.15mm.

has been about 8 months since I first tried my hand at thread crochet. I have really enjoyed it, even if I haven’t made too many projects yet. If you don’t know, thread crochet is the same as regular cr
ochet, but you use steel crochet hooks and crochet thread instead of regular hooks and yarn.


I’ve seen some pretty wild thread crochet projects out there – like entire dresses made this way – and I have some pretty wild ideas of my own (u20160222_095004m, hello thread crochet blanket!*). I’ve stayed pretty tame in my thread experiments, and I actually haven’t even used the actual crochet thread yet. What I’ve used is embroidery floss. You know, the stuff you made friendship bracelets with when you were a kid. Those projects have turned out pretty well. Pictured to the left is a mini-wall hanging (about the size of an adult’s hand) that I made and sold.

The above pieces are other examples of my thread crochet work, all for sale in my online shop. I’ve had a lot of fun getting creative and figuring out how to make shapes and designs that I want. I’m most proud of the bubbles and the sea turtle! If you’ve been crocheting for a while and haven’t tried thread crochet, I highly recommend it. You’ll have a blast unleashing your creativity and you’ll open doors that you might not have even known were there!

Let’s get crocheting, and have a beautiful day!

*Blankets are my very favorite thing to make