My closet is full of yarn. Two large totes of skeins, four bags of half-finished projects. A giant bag of stuffing for pillows. I’m trying to work through my stash before I buy any new yarn. Part of that means finishing projects that I started months or even years ago.

I started my project finishing venture over the summer with this:


This blanket was supposed to be a gift for my mother in 2010. I’d been carting it around from place to place as I went through college and out into the real world. When I finally moved into my present home, I knew I had to downsize my yarn (and project). So why did this blanket take me 6 years to finish? It’s hard to tell from this picture, but I had to change colors every row, and every other row went really fast because it was mostly chains. I hate weaving in ends, so this was a little bit tedious for me and I would only do a couple rows at a time, and then leave it for months on end.

I still have four projects I need to finish – a full size, 2-adult blanket; two baby blankets; a granny square scrap blanket – and that isn’t including projects I’ve entirely given up on (I plan to re-purpose the yarn from such projects).

And yet, I keep adding new projects to my list, like a scarf that is being blocked as we speak or the matching hat. The mug cozies that are quick and easy, the many, many projects I want to work.

But I’m getting through it. And I’m having a blast because hey – it’s crochet!

Happy Crocheting,