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Gifts to Another World

I suppose sending a package abroad isn't quite the same as sending gifts to another world, but it's close enough! That's right, I finished all the elements of the package for my friend in the UK. This is the first of... Continue Reading →


Why Crochet?

Making things is the most fulfilling thing I do. Whether it's painting, writing, woodworking, or even putting together a piece of furniture. I gravitate, of course, to crochet. Working with yarn gives me a zen feeling that not everything else... Continue Reading →

Things I’ve Finished Since Last We Spoke

Since I last posted, I've been doing more writing than crocheting. But these are two things I've finished. On the left, the blanket for J. On the right, the blanket for the first of her twins. I've got the second... Continue Reading →

Botanical Gardens, Chunky Crochet, Painting and More!

Hi folks! Let me start by saying: I really wish I had a longer vacation! Don't we all though? But I'm going to take the energy and contentment from my week and keep it going as long as possible as... Continue Reading →

Failed loofah

Okay, so my weekend project did NOT turn out well. I was trying to make my Honey a new loofah, but realized part way through that the material I was using was way too abrasive. So i finished it off... Continue Reading →

6-4-17 Going into a Week of Freedom

My week just flew by! Mostly because the beginning of the month is always a bit hectic at work, but also because things have just been good. I've been working on the blanket for J (another row and a half... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever…

...crocheted a piece of clothing? I admit that I have not. My mom has both knit and crocheted sweaters and let me tell you: her frustration is what has deterred me from trying it! But I absolutely do want to... Continue Reading →

Dish Set Rediscovered

The best and worst part about getting through some of these projects (and working through my yarn pile) is that I find more incomplete projects. Like hats and scarves and the  beginnings of so, so many blankets. Yesterday I found... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review 5-28-17

I'm letting out a sigh of relief, knowing that another week has come and gone.  Some weeks are just more stressful than others. I was sick for Monday and Tuesday, which set a frantic tone for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

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