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Hi folks! Let me start by saying: I really wish I had a longer vacation! Don't we all though? But I'm going to take the energy and contentment from my week and keep it going as long as possible as... Continue Reading →

Failed loofah

Okay, so my weekend project did NOT turn out well. I was trying to make my Honey a new loofah, but realized part way through that the material I was using was way too abrasive. So i finished it off... Continue Reading →

6-4-17 Going into a Week of Freedom

My week just flew by! Mostly because the beginning of the month is always a bit hectic at work, but also because things have just been good. I've been working on the blanket for J (another row and a half... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever…

...crocheted a piece of clothing? I admit that I have not. My mom has both knit and crocheted sweaters and let me tell you: her frustration is what has deterred me from trying it! But I absolutely do want to... Continue Reading →

Dish Set Rediscovered

The best and worst part about getting through some of these projects (and working through my yarn pile) is that I find more incomplete projects. Like hats and scarves and the  beginnings of so, so many blankets. Yesterday I found... Continue Reading →

Weekly Review 5-28-17

I'm letting out a sigh of relief, knowing that another week has come and gone.  Some weeks are just more stressful than others. I was sick for Monday and Tuesday, which set a frantic tone for the rest of the... Continue Reading →

Progress on the Next WIP

Hi! So when I started this week I had a single row of squares on my next project, now I have two and a half rows! Diligence definitely pays off. As you can see, I crochet the squares together right... Continue Reading →

Quick and Easy Cover

One of my biggest pet peeves is wearing a tank-top or scoop neck shirt and then having my seatbelt scrape against my skin as I'm driving somewhere. It leaves my skin red and irritated - and makes me irritated too! Instead... Continue Reading →

Week in Review

I feel like this past week has really been two or three. There are a lot of adjustments at Casa de Emily right now, namely my Honey is back on night shift. With that comes a whole slew of changes:... Continue Reading →

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